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Good game



It’s amazing!


Good game

Fun game



This game is so Bad because it gave me 900 power teams when I was 37 power and Season battle Was hard but other than That it was Good 👌👍😐😕😏

Give me last years game!!!

Spotty connectivity, no way to earn madden cash, no labor day event to go with the promo in the stores, have to spend real money to get good players to upgrade your team. I am deeply disappointed with Overdrive, want last years game back!!! It’s going to be a long year if the game is not fixed!!!! What happened to the weekend tournaments??? No blitz event in color guard event for over 8 hours when it’s 2 hours on 2 hours off. Highly disappointed with this years madden game!!!


I’ve been playing madden since it came out. And this has to be the worst madden mobile game I ever played. Especially the overdrive. I’m always matched up against team who are twice as better than mine. For example, if I have a 600 team power I’m usually matched up against team with 900 or over team power. This is totally unfair because no matter how hard you try the other team will end up scoring more points then you. The mechanics in this game is HORRIBLE. The opposing team ALWAYS grabs my receivers and sometimes they will even climb on my receivers preventing them to catch the ball. For some reason almost all the players in the opposing team has 99 speed. A DT who was 5 yards away from my 87 Antonio Brown somehow manages to run and catch up to my player. There are so many times I’ve rage quit because of horrible gameplay and mechanics. Also, madden overdrive is completely PAY TO WIN. The live events are pathetic. You can barely get one good player off a week of playing the event. There aren’t enough packs to buy by using coins and there aren’t enough ways to get coins in the game now. As much as I play madden and I loved this game before. I’m really disappointed.

Idk bout this game anymore

This game has been going down every year, I played the game when it first came out, obv it wasn’t as its peak and then the 2nd year comes along and it’s honestly too good, 3rd year they started to add a lot more to it, needing special stats and other stupid things. Now this year there is different everything. The O-line doesn’t block, there is no blocking in the game, neither the full back. They just seem to keep running and make no blocking at all. This game requires too much thinking of what players you need to use as in previous years it was a lot simpler and the pack odds were better, this game has been going down ever since last year


I would like it if you could pick the length of quarters you would play. I wish we could challenge the officials . Also have a coach mode and you could pick which level of coach kind of like franchise and X-Box for Season Battle. Thanks and when will the new Season Battle start?

Fix this

I love the game and it’s super fun, but the servers are horrible and I’m lucky to play for about 20 minutes without the game having to reconnect or the server crashing. Once this is fixed easy 5 star


Y’all ruined this game. Been playing for years since year 1 and barley even open it now.

Bring back Madden

Hey I think you should really bring back Madden Mobile because Madden Overdrive is really annoying and plus we want to play a season and have 4 quarters.

Game keeps on glitching

The game keeps on making me exit out and the game keep on refreshing to the front page I don’t believe this is what I supposed to do I think you should be worrying more about that instead of other updates I am i’m also upset by the fact that I’ve had comment twice and it hasn’t been fixed. Thank You


Why would EA get rid of season mode I hate this game now.

Horrible game deleting it.

Wow where do I start. Ok first you can’t use your team that you worked years to get. They erased it. Then the overdrive is the reason I am deleting this game is I was playing an overdrive match. The other person disconnected. Then the madden game crashes. I go back and it says I disconnected and gave the win to the guy who disconnected like 30 seconds into overdrive match. I gave overdrive a real chance too. Deleting the app shot out to the EA development team. You should all resign. You killed Madden Mobile. Bye bye deleting now. Yours truly and long time madden mobile user.

Madden overdrive

Who in the world came up with this overdrive crap he should kill himself. Why didn’t u guys just keep it same as the other years last years I rate this game a 4 star this year I guess 1 star because there’s no 1/2 star so I gotta give it a full 1 star. SMH. TERRIBLE GAME. It seems to me that only madden games now is moving backwards its getting worst instead of better I can only imagine how bad madden 19 is good thing I didn’t buy it good thing I guess the mobile is free because I would never buy it n good thing I didn’t buy any madden cash thats a rip off

Madden Overdrive is trash 🗑

Why just why did u get rid of seasons mode for the stupid and crappy 💩 overdrive mode and why can’t I just why can’t I use alternate jerseys for away games please fix this and get this trash 🗑 of overdrive done with!!!!!!! ❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️Also I think u should make it were you can challenge calls plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is why I’m giving it one star

This game used to be fun but it lags so much and every time I’m trying to get in the game it says I’m not connected to the Internet

Poor connection

Very hard to keep a connection to the servers WiFi and data, also scoring is confusing and games are too short

Color rush

During color rush game mode, an event has you rush for 100 yards, break off 2 big runs of 50+ yards and I get a total of 18 yards, wth,

Developer constantly changes the game, became not fun

I have played this game for years, however I no longer play it due to them changing the overdrive rules. They limit the amount of times one play can be ran and that was ultimately what crossed the line on the game limitations. I enjoyed the original rules and even just passing plays only or running plays only, but to limit any one play was ridiculous.

Great game, but too expensive and problem with season battles

I love the game, but it’s just too expensive. Like it’s $80 for a red zone pack. It would be much better if you lowered the prices down. Also, in season battles whenever a quarter ends, you have to kick off if you have ball. This gives opponents a chance of two touchdowns in a row. If they ever have it, they will never have to kick off and it brings the rating down to three out of five stars.

Defensive Tackle Position

I love everything about this game, but the defensive tackle position should have the same option/flexibility as the middle linebacker position has in the 3-4 mode. The second inside backer can be an inside or an outside linebacker. The 4-3 defensive tackle should have the option/flexibility of having a tackle or an end play it. An actual example is David Irving and Tyrone Crawford are both listed as ends, but actually play tackle more than end. Madden is a great game... this I think would only enhance the game and allow an even more realistic experience for everyone... thank you for everything you do.

Worst Update Ever

If you are deciding to load this game do not waste your time. EA has managed to ruin what used to be a fun game. There are so many bugs to even begin to mention in this review, & EA doesn’t even seem to care. Old bugs are not fixed & more keep showing up. I have played since season 2 & this is getting closer & closer to being my last. If I could rate less than 1 I would.

Tier reset

I was an Elite Tier II with about 20K points to go to level up with about 28hrs remaining this week. When I started the game today, it reset back to Bronze III and there is still 14hrs left till the new overdrive season starts. Very unhappy about this due to the amount of time to get to my current level. Other than that, gameplay is great!

Overdrive season

Why did my overdrive season reset when you said it was extended I was almost hall of fame

Lost overdrive info

My player ID is 139636 and I was in the elite III on overdrive and half a day before it gives out the rewards it loses all my overdrive fan points and has me start over. What the heck.

Losing coins fans progress every time

I will lose any progress since this game likes to log me out randomly. I was 63 fans away from being in the hall of fame. Got logged out logged back in just to see I was dropped to the bottom elite tier 0 out of 97000 fans. Thx ea after grinding this game with terrible matchmaking I literally get so close. Taking away the energy I’m so so on. But at least with madden 18 u could have a life come back when u had energy work on ur team. But now just to get the highest in the color clash it’s like u have to play 24/7. Or pay money. I will not pay any money since I lose stuff every time I get logged out. Ea y dont u give me something every time I get logged out not when u guys do a fix hey sorry we fixed something here

To hard

This madden 19 is way to hard

No season mode

This game is so good bet would get five star if added season mode


So apparently there was a glitch today where I was reset to 0 fans after having about 287000 fans. Now not only can I not get Carson Wentz, but I can’t climb back up! You can see this glitch happened to other people in the leaderboards too!


1. I like how you can train players to higher overalls. 2. I like the organization. Meaning having sell items in one area and the auction house in another is disorganized, but having a market place area with getting cards selling card and the store all in one place. 3. I love how people that play the game more get rewarded for it and end up doing better than people that just get lucky. Used to love this game I’m so sad right now. I want to play Madden mobile so bad. I can’t because it’s overdrive now. Overdrive is trash. I used to play for hours a week with all my friends and now we all quit because overdrive is trash. No season mode, no sets, now head to head, no training. I loved madden mobile 18. BEST GAME EVER!!! It was far better than Fortnite. Now that it’s overdrive, I would rather watch paint dry than play this stupid game.

Best football game

Little glitchy still the greatest

fun but some issues

there are tiny issues that make me mad sometimes that distract from the game. some are lagging out of overdrive for nor reason, not being to put on custom away jerseys, and not being able to get really good players unless you spend money.

Too many quirks this year

Been playing for years... this year too many quirks. Playing overdrive and was almost in Hall fame level now some reason says I am bronze level???? Just one example... rather play last years version because of less quirks...

Better Matchmaking

A better matchmaking system so you don’t face 500 power teams when your much weaker then your opponents

Best game but why

I am so mad they took my players away but the game is like better then the old kind but I’m mad they took my players

Butt man

The crater should fix this game how does the team u play angst get first down every time this game is trash

Progress Reset and they can’t do anything?

Just got off the phone with EA sports and they tell me there is nothing they can do...: Overdrive Mode: I’m an Elite I working towards Hall of Fame with the day left to get the final Tier. I log in today and I’m only a Bronze III with the time remaining before the season resets... my progress I’ve gained the last two weeks just disappeared because of a “bug” and they are sorry there is nothing they can do? WHATS THE POINT OF ME PLAYING THEN? If a “bug” can totally disqualify all you’ve been working for what’s the point?

Go back to the old

Everything bout this year madden mobile has been weak expect for graphics and better catching.You take away sets and give us easier ways I suppose to get players but still weak. Tackling 😂 more like hugging. Give us back sets and season mode.

Why’d I get deranked? I didn’t get my quicksells.

Why tf did I get deranked from elite III to bronze I in overdrive? Went from having 87,000 fans to 0 and didn’t eat rewarded... it’s messed up, too many glitches in overdrive, especially with how much the game crashes.

Fix your game

I’ve been playing this game since it came out and now since there new update it’s crap I was too in overdrive mood top 500 and now it reset all my rank and says I’m unranked and I have over 180 wins but it shows that I’m still hall of fame but no fans or rank this is bull fix this game !!!

RIP Season mode and sets

This game was awesome for the past couple years. The new set up is confusing and is centered around only one part of the game. I loved the simple season mode and sets. Bring them back please.

Just Trash

If you’re unlucky enough to get one of their bad servers, which is about half of them, you either play in slow motion or spend your time watching a spinning wheel while your opponent scores. It’s one thing to lose because you can’t play, it’s another thing to lose because the game malfunctions. Nothing but frustration this year. The coders are inept, and the hundreds of fixes over the last two months have not really helped. Skip this year and hope next year is better. (I guess they don’t like my reviews, they just deleted over 50 K fans the day before the end of the division race. This kind of thing is typical for the game this year).

Love the game but

Love the new version. I love the graphics and everything about it but with the season mode please put alternate with home games and away games instead of just having away games

Can’t win

The new live events like pay day are impossible. I love madden but when it offers madden cash I want it obviously. The problem is you can’t win, I wasted 200 stamina trying the same live event and still it didn’t work.There is no season mode and that one in my opinion one of madden mobiles best features.I no longer play this game and hope u change it back for next season.

Madden overdrive

I’m in love with this game

Madden over drive

It’s one of the worst games I’ve played

Buggy and pay2win

Can’t even be competitive if you don’t pull out the credit card

best game ever

best game ever

4 when it works 1 most of the time

Was in Hall of Fame and just lost all my points! Continuing server timeouts cause you to lose games when dropped off line. Play is sometimes frustrating when you are 700 and get matched with a +1000 player.

Madden overkilled

I feel the game is very flawed like if you had a Hall of Fame team you can still be out played and out class by a team that has only gold players. I played a guy who’s team was filll of legendary players and my has only elite 1 players and I beat him 1137 to 536 now I can take credit for the win but let’s be real all his defensive players out matched my offense by a a lot I don’t see how I could win by that big of margin and lots of other games I lost when my team out matched another and had a higher power and team boost . So to be honest the events y’all set up real it’s a scam you can only go so until it times out for the rest of the day so you have to spend my actual money out my pocket to earn players or badges but not I I’m not a finess as a fan of football and madden I really expected a more realistic feel to the game BIG MAD BIG DISAPPOINTMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not as good as 2018

Overdrive is actually pretty fun, but the new gameplay mechanics are clunky, unrealistic, and not nearly as exciting as last year. It doesn’t feel like you have as much control over the players, and it creates more frustration than fun. Also, the locking of plays from overuse is pretty bad, what happened to counters? Anyway, I’ll probably have to stop playing this game sadly.

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