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Good game



It’s amazing!


Good game

Fun game


BEST GAME EVER but needs a few fixes

This is a great game good controls but I have 1 question Why don’t you get original players on that team for example: if you picked the patriots you don’t get Brady you have do unlock him.But without that is a unbelievable game


Hi this yo boy Lil uzi madden shows you can be what ever you wanted all position you can be

Pretty good

I love the game it is a good game for all football fans but I had a problem with it now it is that the app won’t let me in after the latest update I have still not gotten in If someone has a answer to why this is not working please right back Thanks

STILL absolutely Maddening (Pun Intended)

Flash forward from my last review. Counters destroy this game. Adjust the rates to reflect actual percentages or remove them altogether. 3% is not equal to 100%. And for that, you lose a star, EA.

An amazingly bad game

Ripoff from start to finish and it's EA so bring your wallet, because everything costs except to download the generic game. Overall, not worth it. Lacks replay quality and is completely mundane. If you like constantly being ripped off, disappointed, and wasting your money-THIS IS THE GAME FOR YOU.

Horrible Mess - don’t waste your time or money

Game only works for those who hack or take advantage of EAs code mistakes. Players don’t play to ability and winning/losing is based on algorithm that alternated between teams. Only winners are hackers.


The best game in the WORLD totally buy this game just do it

Stick button

Can’t move players...

Super duper Amzing

This is the best game ever once I was I thought when can I find a football game and this game made my dream come ture

Fantastic Game

They did a fantastic job with this game. When you get used to the game it gets very fun.

Progress takes forever and app crashes, costing you more progress.

I’d rate this app much higher but because of the in-game progression taking forever (everything in the app costs way too much—whether it’s in game currency or real dollars). You get very little for a lot of time/resources put into the game. The app also crashes and has cost me hundreds of thousands of fans in head to head matches (my phone is new and my internet works fine).


You guys please fix the game and let me and my brother play it it kicks us out when it says running practice setup

Great game

Love the game but In the off-season the promos get a little ridiculous and lame but overall a great game, if anyone at EA reads this PLEASE make another Deshaun Watson card 😭😭😭

Best game ever

If your into sports this is the game you want it is full of exitment and your favorite players.🤘

I want NHL 18 mobile

Love the game but when are you going to make NHL 18 in mobile EA? And if you do plan making NHL 18 mobile make it iOS 8 or 9! I have an iPod touch.

Emailed EA For credit when it logged me out multiple times

And never got credit. I’ll try again. EA can you please help me??


It’s better on Play Station and Xbox

Why this game should be deleted from the App Store

1. It is super laggy 2. It takes me 9 tries to get into the game 3. It takes to long get another pack like the money packs ex. One time a pack was there for about 2-3 days and it takes like 10 days to be able to get it again 4. At the end of a season you have to complete restart your team like my team was beast then at the end of the season it was all gone I spent a hell load of money to buy packs and money at the end I don’t keep any of it all that time and money spent just for it all to go down the drain and I there are more of you that feel that same way I do That’s all I have to say Have a blessed night and think about what I just told you before Downloading this game ok well that is all I have to say for now well goodnight P.S. This game also takes a up a lot of space or gigabytes Now have blessed night Or day depending on where you live Well goodnight or good day

The game has difficulty

OK so I was playing and it’s not my phone I’m playing on when I touch screen doesn’t allow me and then when I make a movie just send me to the home screen and it Even starts acting up. Then it glitches so it sends me to hell☠️🔪🚬⚰️💣🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪💣💣💣💣💣⚔️⚔️⚔️🗡💔💔💔💔 are used to like this game but now I don’t💔💔💗

Politely this time

Please explain to me why my defense covered a tight end of the opposite team, five guys deep all around him, tight end who is Ryan Hewitt (aka garbage) jumps up and randy mosses my FIVE defenders all tightly clustered around him, then breaks every tackle and scores the td against me. Thank you. I would love to know and so would many others.

Madden nfl

This is a really great game that gets you pumped

Great game

If you’re a football fan I highly recommend this. It’s fun to pick your own team and your own players and there are lots of in game purchases but they are all entirely optional which is amazing. As long as the game stays as it is now it’s amazing. I just wanted to give a suggestion about having at the end of the season a way to unlock/purchase elite versions of some of the headline retirements

It is great

I really like the game but it is extremely hard to get things it says you can get easily knowing that I am an 86 overall player. But the graphics are amazing👍👍👍

My review

I don’t know how to create a league but it’s supposed to have a create button but it doesn’t

Horrible servers

This game is ok but has the worst connection I have ever seen in my life. The game crashes every few plays and when it’s not crashing, it takes a good few minutes to load one thing to another. Plz fix


We need an Emmitt Smith legend!!

Don’t have my purchase😡😡

I like the game but i just purchased the hero action pack to get the logo and unlock the extra hero event and I dont have my money, i dont have the logo, and the event hasn’t unlocked!! I will change my review once i either get my money back or receive what i purchased! Thank you!

Love The Game

I think you should be able to have a certain amount of madden coins turn into madden cash.

Great game

Would be 5 stars but I bought an all madden pack and didn't get a gold+ player. Other than that I love the game and the features long time madden fan and will continue to be.

please make this sports game

i love this game especially getting my favorite players i also like baseball i would love to play a baseball version of this!


You can say really mean stuff about this game but It does not bug it at all and the draft features are awesome ✌️✌️✌️

Great update

I love the new update and I was waiting forever for draft champions to be on mobile but next can you make it so your playing at the same time against each other😀

Item reward issue

Don’t purchase packs. You never get their worth or gain access to events as it’s supposed to. Game is a rip off

madden movile

can we please have unlimited stamina thank your game my favorite i play everyday


It is the best game ever

A Very Good Game, But The Kicking is a little hard

This is a very good game ,but the kicking can be a little tricky because you swipe up and it is a little hard to do it. I think there should be a update on that. Also sometimes when you go in the game it switches you out of your account a makes you make a new account. But A Great Game!


This game is beast to vs your friends and go head to head

Worst game ever

This game is so terrible because it's not a challenge at all to win

Could be better

The game has gotten better over the years and training players is awesome. However, players gotten in the first half of the season are completely meaningless because better and better players are released later and it is a cash grab to get the latest players. Also the overall of later players keeps going up and it is too easy to have a great team that it takes away from the game when guys are released rated 110+ and it is easy to get a few of these guys in a week.

Will not download

I had the game once liked a lot but there was a game out there that I liked to so I deleted this game to get the other game and then I was going to re-download it but it did not work!

Keeps crashing

With the new update the app crashes every time in the load up screen. Love this app but please fix it

Nice game

You need to fix this problem of not being able to delete users

Riped off

I spent 50 madden cash on a tournament ticket and tried to play a game in it and when I got an opponent it just said expired.

Would’ve been 5 if I could play it

The game will load and give me my daily rewards then just shut down like I wanna play it but I keeps turning off

Can you please add this

I was wondering if you could add a draft mode when you get to go through 15 rounds and then you play some full games with the team You drafted

Newest update with this league bank

Pass interference is ridiculous and the super human speed when your receiver is clearly open gets run down and smacked in the face. You can’t even match teams up that are remotely close to each other in head to head and forced to play them. I’m proud of the teams I so hardly work at getting just to see them get pulverized by outrageous plays. I’m sure my teams do the same to other players that feel the same way as I do when they realized there’s no chance as soon as your stuffed on every play. I love the game don’t get me wrong and play constantly just wish it was a closer match up with no glitches such as I truck he spins or ball hits a player and flies 20 yards and I’ve seen it fly all the way back to end zone one time at 50 yards. Just some things are getting unrealistic and your team you build just totally acts stupid sometimes for no reason. Other than that rock on its fun as hell. Again end of season and it’s bull how the match ups are. Even if you have better players pass interference and super human speed run down for an interception is ridiculous! You want a better game get rid of that, get rid of balls flying 50+ yards when tipped, get rid of no chance in hell match ups. You can’t even build your coaching staff up at a decent rate before the seasons up. Don’t get me wrong I love the game but everyone here knows exactly what I’m talking about!!!!

Draft champions has transformed this game

Draft champions is da goat!

Why I like your game

It is fun and I found new players I did not know. Try to make better graphics. Also make a think where people can make their own plays thank you for the game and try to make all the stuff I said thank you have a good day🏈🏉

Awesome game but I got a problem

I love this game and it just gives you something to do and I love the fact that right now a lot of programs are coming out. For some reason though, it won’t let me do the draft tournament. I already sent a bug complaint in but I don’t know if you guys didn’t notice it because a lot of people weren’t experiencing it. I’m not sure if it will let me go into the tournament section at all and that’s what scares me because for people who don’t spend money that’s the only other way to get collectibles. I always get tier 5 and I was expecting to get all 21 collectibles but it kicks me out of my account every time I try to play in the tournament. Can y’all update the app for a bug fix before the tournament ends.

Greatest football gam of all time

uL free elites boss keep up the good work ea😀

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