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Good game



It’s amazing!


Good game

Fun game


Crashing Constantly means no bowl event for me

Every time I try to start the game up it says running drill plays of something then it crash no matter what I do so now I can’t participate in the bowl even:( pls fix quickly

Bivin (Bivinator7) Aragon

Love this game

Love Madden, BUT....

It’s fun. What’s not fun, is the amount of money, you can end up spending to be competitive, and, have fun. EA drains the money out of you, and, give back very little reward, unfair on the part of the business. Can easily spend up to $500, in a year, upgrading your team. Once again, EA does not reward their players well. But, then again, who is the smart one here....EA!!! Take care of your veteran players at least. It’s insulting.



Good, but it's been crashing lately

Really enjoy the game, but recently, whenever I try to enter into the app, the game just crashes while I am on the loading page. Can you please fix this ASAP? Thanks.


I love playing this game but two things Madden needs to add. 1. Players come into your league and once tournament start they leave. How fair is this? Madden needs to lock the tournaments. Then afterwards these JERKS can leave. 2. In league vs league tournaments, everyone must play their drives. Each drive that the person don’t play, 6 points goes to the other team or they get a 10 point deduction. Make this game more competitive instead of team playing and four or five don’t even play. Those players still get the reward. Nothing is free!

The app is perfect but...

This game will be brilliant if it had these new features First, the kickoff/punt needs a new control. I miss fields goals all the time and the punts can be difficult too. Also, it should be different camera views to choose from.


Amazing free game to pass the time


I think this game is great and all but it's complicated to spin but after that y'all should get this app savage game make the players look better me it were you can play against somone while at the same time


Can there please be injuries in the game that would make the game so much better and if the seasons where a little bit harder they are to easy

Everything is perfect but H2H

Fix head to head it is honestly enraging the way that this game decides what is an interception and the counters are just annoyingly unrealistic what nfl caliber offensive line will literally break down on a chosen play it’s not fair nor fun at least ease the way you get Brady

Do you care?

Honestly, if you even cared a little bit about the product you were making, you wouldn’t make everything cost madden cash. That’s just dumb. I get that you want to make money but by making everything a micro transaction, it ruins the fun. Also, why would you say that coin collecting ruins the game and then go on to make it so you can straight up buy coins? If you cared at all about your game, you’d take micro transactions out completely

F**k EA

Worst company to ever make sports games ever... yes I love the concept of having the game of football on mobile and console but I can’t handle your sellout game anymore! I will never play madden again and I’ve seen this from many people already so hopefully EA goes out of business and we will all be happy. Thank you have a nice day.


This game completely blew my mind

The best game everyday

This game is game day because I love all the players and It just is faster

Pretty good, but needs improvement

They should add more opportunities to earn elites in live events, also needs better auction house, needs more coin opportunities to earn big amounts at once

Fun game but too much of a cash grab

This game is free, and the only football game I could find. It's pretty addicting, but recently(this season) ea has made so many changes to the auction house and store packs just to increase their profits whole ruining the game for so many. Many people I know we're wrongfully banned, from their account or the auction house, including myself. So many of these people had done nothing wrong but I guess playing the market smart is against tos or something? Most bans were removed after a month yet two of my good friends' bans were upheld even though they have NEVER DONE ANYTHING WRONG. EA fix the game and more people will spend more money! Why do you think people buy coins for a dollar a mil? If you sell coins for $100 a mil why would you expect anyone to buy that???

Best game ever

I’ve played this game since madden mobile 15 and it is my addiction. This game is crazy fun and you can build an amazing team and i am a free to play player my one tip is to not spend money

Bug game keeps crashing

It's not even letting me get on the game it just crashes and it didn't help when I updated it.

Epic but a few problems

Yes epic highly recommend but you need to be able to turn gold players into elites and top 100 all day not just starting now to tomorrow and MORE JOEY BOSA AND J.J. WATT

It is amazing

Madden is one of the best and challengingly games I have played but it is fun. Season one I was undeafeated

Amazing game but

New update is crashing it on my iPhone SE...

Good idea...but keep reading reviews and making updates :)

I think that it is awesome that this is out on mobile, and I think that is is VERY easy. I will be running and the ai is very slow, and won’t even dive to get me. Plus the “better”players don’t really do anything I can do fine with a starting team. And even if they helped they are way too expensive.

Pretty good needs some work

Overall the game is good but there is a lot of things to change like the receivers don’t catch anything but sometimes it makes unrealistic catches the defense is okay needs some work though because I keep on clicking the tackle button but it responds late and then the other team gets to throw to a open receiver or they throw it away everything else is good

Dear EA

I’m sorry I overreacted I’ve been through some tough times, you’ve created a wonderful game to play I’m very sorry(again) madden mobile has been one of my favorite game ever since I was a little kid. Yes there are some problems. I made an overreacted and that was wrong. Cudos to the game and the company

Madden mobile

Why can’t i buy more coins it said that the transaction doesn’t work, what does that mean

Love it but,

Sometimes my players disappear I had an 80 ovr ty Montgomery and 80 ovr Tom Brady and they just went bye-bye. And I want league head to head as a real game like in season.


EA gives a ‘gamechanger’ designation to a couple adolescent addicts who then abuse their designation to ban leagues that beat them. It’s nice that EA tries to get feedback from some players but they need to do a better job of screening to not end up with juvenile idiots like Adam Jr and poots.

Personal foul on EA

EA wants you to buy packs but yet they nerf your team against weaker opponents. So what if I pay to smoke the competition, just let me do it, that’s what I’m paying you for. Also gotta love it when EA kicks you off a game and then you lose points for a forfeit. Dropped passes regularly by wide open players with catch stats through the roof, cmon man! Don’t get me started on a DT running down Vick with crazy speed, that’s called NERF! Lots of teams complain about EA in league chats and if it doesn’t get fixed we will chat some where else. I know you have the money for R&D so spend it on crunching bid data to make the game better and stop interfering.

This game makes me hungry

This gam....this just.....good😐

So cool

So cool


Currently I CANNOT even open madden mobile. It loads halfway then quits. I’ve tried resetting my phone & it still happens

Please help

Ok I love this game but whenever I try to get in the game crashes and I have a lot of elite players so plz fix

Auction House Change RUINED the Game

Game was great until they ruined the auction house. Now when you list a player it is not bid on by other players. Instead it is either bought by an EA robot or passed. You can list a 98 overall player for 48-72 hours with a starting bid of $100 and not get a single bid. After posting this review I am deleting the game. It is not even fun anymore. Why even have an auction house if it’s fake? Just make the sell now price thee same as what the EA robot would accept instead of wasting 4 hours waiting to see if the EA robot will buy your auction.

EA is a garbage company

This game does not disclose the odds of “loot boxes” aka packs, which was made illegal and encourages gambling to underage users while their entire company is a bunch of hypocrites because they sell coins and the game is pay to win

Change for the better

I used to love this game. I’m pretty sure everyone did at some point but now it has become a “ pay to win “ game. And there has been no useful updates that make users keep wanting to play. EA obviously has never cared about it’s customers. I won’t spend a cent more on this game.




When I do my long shot events, it won’t let me continue even though I have wins on every friend was able to keep going with the long shot chapters while mine won’t even let me complete chapter 1...he beat all of them and got elite players from it and stuff while I’m sitting here with it not wanting to complete/continue like his did.!!!!

Fun but…

Don’t get me wrong this game is fun and has improved much but their is still annoying glitches like the one when the joy stick runs in a completely different direction than Your going but still very fun

Love this game it’s so real and it is the best

Best game I have ever played

Best game

I LOVE this game but their are a few things you can improve on like you can add players getting hurt or more flags other than that I really like this game

Great game but....

great game but TONS of bugs and glitches i can’t even get inside the game, it glitches out at running practice drills. i offloaded app serval times and it still didn’t work. I don’t want to lose my account because i spent so much time and money on it. Overall i rate it 10/10

Where's Taysom

Hey EA I love this game I play it every day but one thing his when I type Taysom Hill in auction it never shows anything CAN YOU PLZ CHANGE IT SO YOU CAN PLAY AS TAYSOM HILL because he broke history he as the fastest QB at his combined also There's been so much LAGS plz FOR THE SAKE OF IT fix it

Madden Rules

Go Madden

Its good but one problem

This game is great and heavily suggested but it won’t let make a league I don’t know why?

this game has turned to trash

madden mobile is all about trying to get kids addicted and then bleeding them for money. every holiday set requires hundreds of dollars now, they are intentionally not supporting card sets from early in the year to force players to build entire new teams.... The Team of the Week has been a slap in the face: not a single Safety, Linebacker, Defensive Tackle, or Tight End all year long... But four half backs and three QBs and today, at totally redundant middle Linebacker. but the final straw is trying to sell 1 million coins for 100$. That's stealing and it is why this game gets hacked so often. Avoid this game at all costs. the NFL should be ashamed they keep letting EA get away with trash in their name.

6am Monday u say

So um...... Where tf is the divisional redemption badges. I’m trying to get this elite player man, and y’all said 6am on Monday. Yet here we are on Tuesday.

Over the head catching!

Currently when I am playing madden seasons or anything else involving throwing to a reciever, they most of the time (when you throw long balls) have to turn around to catch it. I believe that it should be more realistic, if your reciever has a lot if speed should run and catch it over their head with two hands in front of their body, not turn around and catch it, that way if they catch it with two hands in front of their body, they can run using their speed for the touchdown, PLEASE CHANGE IT TO OVER THE HEAD CATCHING PLEASE, THANK YOU


Very poor preformance


Amazing game I’ve put a lot of time and money into the game but for the past week it gets to “running practice drills” then crashes and I️ have been unable to play easily a 5/5 game PLEASE FIX ASAP Update- has been almost a month since first review and still no update to fix the problem

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