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Good game



It’s amazing!


Good game

Fun game


Love it

Good game EA🏈


It’s a amazing game

Madden Mobile Glitch

I truly love this game but I encountered a glitch in the fast pass tournament. I got 14 wins with time left and did another round then I closed the game and returned when the tournament was over. It said I had 14 wins but after I selected my rewards it showed me that I won my fifteenth game but I didn’t get the rewards. I hope this is fixed so others don’t see. Also mechanics are crazy when dbs make crazy ints when they aren’t in position or behind. Sometimes they catch up to fast players at a crazy rate. Fumbles in head to head are quite annoying for a stupid chance can decide the game and when u throw the ball and dbs on other players move towards it but ur own players run their route and don’t help at all. Plz fix all this in madden overdrive.

Gameplans make the game FAR from realistic

When EA introduced gameplans into the game, any form of a “realistic” representation of football went out the window. In “real” football, it doesn’t matter how good of a gameplan a team has, if the players don’t matchup at least evenly to their opponents, the gameplan is of no use. Players that are rated lower in every category, both on offense and defense outplay their higher rated counterpart, simply because of better gameplans. EA, how about bringing it back to a true representation of NFL football. Better players outplay lesser players... It’s not rocket science, just common sense.


On two separate occasions, I’ve been a high amount on players in the auction house. And after winning did not receive the players or coins back.


When is the Antonio Brown coming out Madden Mobile ?


Love it


Could you add where you could trade players with other players accounts. I think this is the best game ever.

So cool

This is fun

Looks ok but can’t stand to look at Brady

This game seems like a lot of fun but I do not want to look at Tom Brady every time I open the app or on the icon on my phone or ever for that matter. I don’t want to go to Brady camp and learn this stupid things Brady is using to cheat. There should be a set player for every team so they can have a player from the team instead of bradysnddunb

Awesome!!! 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀



The pause a game after your loosing only to win is a cheap way to win and EA can’t do squat about it is sad uninstalling crap game do not play

This game is now terrible

Great game but I hate that you have to restart your team every season.Plus, some of the challenges y'all do are impossible like the treacherous event with a 84 Marshawn Lynch.Great but y’all need to fix those small things.

Bad app

It’s just a bad app I have a touchback They called it a freaking safety 👎


Hey app developer, this is a great game and I've played Madden for a very long time, if an actual Madden game was made like 2k I and many others would buy... Please consider making a version of Madden with draft champions, gauntlet mode, vs with local play etc... It would be difficult but great...

Best Game I Have EVR PLAYED!!!

When I first got my device I asked if I could download a football game and that's where I quickly fell in love with madden and through the years I was an 89 overall in my first year, a 97 in my next year, Could not play 3rd year, and this year I have gotten to my all time highest which is a 115 overall still progressing. But when I found out that my device was not going to be supported I got real sad, but that just encouraged me to keep grinding. THANK YOU EA SPORTS FOR CREATING THE GREATEST GAME OF ALL TIME

Please fix this ASAP

When I click on the app from my home screen it loads until saying “running through practice drills” and then proceeds to kicks me out of the app. Would you please fix this?

Big Fan

Can you give me Madden Overdrive now because I want it so bad the graphics look so awesome from Qjb videos

Not that great

Need to make the h2h more fair cause I’m a 82 overall and the game puts me against 90 overall players and the live events have to be less difficult


This game is difficult betttttttttttt😂😂😂😂🤯🤯🤯

My account got deleted

My account got deleted, I was getting on it and it said error error and I got back on and there was nothing I had a 101 team 103 offense 100 defense 99 special team and it was on my birthday I have played for years and this has never happened but I hope I can get my account back

Unbelievably, it keeps getting worse

UPDATE 7/6/18 - They are hosing us again! Anyone with cheaper Android tablets or Apple devices older than iPad 5, iPad Mini 2, or iPhone 5: you won’t be able to play next season! New pop-up tells you that your device is not compatible with new Madden Overdrive (next year’s version)! Doesn’t tell you during the season where it takes your money, but tells you at the end where people saved up account cash for next year that they can never use. They want you to drop $300+ on a compatible device just to be able to play this? No thank you. Beginning of the end for these morons. (I had a 121 overall team before I stopped playing playing - never even bothered with July 4th events.) PREVIOUS REVIEW I wrote a review shortly after this year’s launch, and have updated it several times throughout the Madden season so far. This is my third year playing, and it is by far the worst product yet. There are a number of reasons: (1) GAMEPLANS - Good concept, horrendous execution. No NFL game plan routinely tackles the HB at handoff every time. Similarly, none either immediately sacks the QB, forces a quick incompletion, or an interception every time. But that is exactly what the current Gameplan system does. Your 99 overall team becomes completely irrelevant when faced by an 83 overall team with a superior Gameplan. I can understand maybe percentages that improve against certain play types or formations, but not killing as many as 23 plays from EVER being successful. You’ve created a football game where you can’t play football! (Weekend tournaments are even worse if they are run or pass only, as Gameplans are even more ridiculous when tailored to a specific play type.) (2) GAMEPLAY - Totally unrealistic. Rampant pass interference, opposing QBs flip 270lb DEs over their backs rather than get sacked, WRs go for annoying “hip catches” with two or three DBs around allowing them to knock the ball away rather than just catching it normal, HBs stick like Velcro to teammates rather than bounce off and keep running, and worst of all, teammates block YOU or don’t block at all on running plays almost as often as they block for you. If real NFL players did these things at the same rate, half the league would be cut! (3) SEASON MEANINGLESS - With all of the nonstop events full of higher and higher rated players, the entire season right through the Super Bowl was totally meaningless. If you played regularly, you won’t have a single player from that time still on your team. Think about that - if you played loyally since the August launch of this season, you got nothing for it. Someone starting right after the Super Bowl will have as good or better team; you wasted five months! Lousy game design again, and now easily achievable 120 overall Bosses are here to further help those late-comers. You can easily get 2 to 3 bosses just playing regularly and spending no money - 90 overalls mid-season were tougher to get! (4) SUBPAR SUPPORT - If it involves play against another player, they can’t help you. Really. No joke. Support requests are closed and Pro Packs are offered as compensation (even though they became useless around October for most). Weekend tournaments are a big problem. For some reason, if you log on and start a game in the bottom half of an hour, you still have a good chance at your match showing “Expired” and not allowing you to play even though they take your ticket. Occasionally, you will only receive partial rewards at tournament’s end, but support will tell you that you got it all and close the case. (5) EVENTS - Every year they make the events more complicated. This is an app! You should be able to just pick it up and play! You shouldn’t need a pen and paper to figure out what you need to do for the player you want. They have a name for games like that - CONSOLE. Super involved stuff belongs on PlayStation or Xbox, not on a grab-and-go tablet or phone. (6) CASH GRAB - The game has been geared strictly for pay-to-play. Past years, you could purchase packs that would give you tools to work for top-tier players. Now, you can just drop cash to buy the top players directly in packs. Additionally, the entire, more complicated redemption process for earning those top-tier players is clearly geared to getting those borderline players to cough up some cash for a little extra help. You can still grind it out, but with events costing huge stamina and time this season, it’s all too clear that the ultimate goal is $$$. Pretty lousy shift for a company that reboots your hard-earned team each year with very little return on that hard work, or money spent. Clearly, I did not like the way this game started, and it went progressively downhill since. Really, if I wasn’t keeping an eye on my nephews who play this (who also think this is the worst version of the last three years), I wouldn’t still be playing. Two years ago this was a great game - easy to play, uncomplicated, and loads of fun. With all these changes for the worse, it’s really a shame how they’ve slowly killed it.


Is the best it feels like I’m in the real game

This is the best game

This is the best game I’ve ever played when it came to a football related kind of game

Fornite +Madden

Can you tell fortnite to add a football skin.


Every time I level up my players the game crashes and logs me out back to boot camp. This is a 5 Star game but sadly if it keeps crashing and I have to restart back to the very beginning I’m rating it at a 0.5/10 stars

Parent authorization purchase does not go thru

If your kid setup to request parent authorization, you'll be charged but will not get purchased item. Had this issue for months.


The game keeps crashing

Good game

It is a fun game but you need to add trade then you can trade with your friends and family


This game is literally hot garbage. You can tell it’s an EA game because it’s completely pay to win.

Troy polamalu

They need to put Troy polamalu in the game


I love this game. I grind the live events to get elites for my team. I also love how you can play your friends (via Facebook) and how you can train your players. I hope the new game is as good (if not better) than this one


This game is biased. Every single fricking time I play the Vikings as the packers it is the hardest thing in the world just to catch a fricking pass. This is why I don’t play madden on Xbox or in general. Doesn’t deserve any stars at all.

Could be better

Great game and I’m looking forward to next years. But pleased do something about the head to head. I’ve lost multiple times bc YOUR APP CRASHED!!!! It shouldn’t count against me and be a forfeit!!!! It’s happened a few times against far lower ranked players and it pisses me off losing all those points!!!,

Just bad

Terrible graphics too hard dumb tutorial glitchy and awful gameplay.


This game has many great qualities. The new addition of training players is the best yet and lets your players become more than their initial overall simply by trading in players for experience that is used to level up your player. At the time of this review it’s close to the next big madden update. So the sets makes it EXTREMELY EASY to get some of the BEST players in the game to finish of strong. This game goes by very quick and the beginning and when you hit about 90-93 overall the progression slows down and the game hits more of a grind. To get better players you can either go free to play and be maxed out at about a 93-98ish if lucky or go pay to win and buy packs which basically give you all the collectibles/players needed to get the max 120 overall. This is just like any other EA game. Once you get so far it becomes a pay to win to progress further.

Parker warren



The weekend tournaments are lame. Only running or only passing. The draft picks you get every weekend seams to be the opposite of what you need for the task at hand, can’t wait for the new version might be better.

Keep it up!😃😃

I love this game so much and I’m 106 OVR. Keep it up! I hope madden overdrive is fun, too!

Awesome game, but soooo rigged

I gotta admit, this game has got me hooked. But there are a few really annoying issues that EA needs to know about. 1. Tournaments: tournaments are so so lame because there are just OKAY rewards that are so fricking hard to get. In the stupid tournaments it’s impossible to even get any yards, and after turnover u see that you’re opponent got his TD and his two point conversion, and when you check his overall he’s a complete noob! This needs to be fixed by stupid EA. 2. It is sooo rigged because u get sacked so easily and when u sack the other guy with your 120 overall MLB the QB just flips him over! You guys got to know what I’m talking about.

Do you love watching the NFL get this game.

I love this game because it is fun and the graphics are great and it is good game if you like NFL and you can make your dream team.


You rip people off each year. I spend lots of money with you and all I get for it are lame bronze rewards the following year. If I did not like the game so much I would leave. Considering it this year. Check my account and see if you want to lose me.

Please fix this

Every time I get on the game it glitches when it’s loading it says “running practice drills”then the game crashes and I go back to my home screen on my iPad. Overall I like the game and I give it a 5 star rate. can’t wait for next years Madden Mobile. GO PATRIOTS 🏈🏈🏈. Hi again I just rebooted my iPad and it’s still not working please fix it and my Username is Patriotsfan11.

The update

Why did the new update have to be in August why not this month a lot is happening in the game so the update should have been this month



Best game ever

Fun game not just a rip-off puzzle game

EA, You guys scam a whole lot and have a lot of issues. Ea ranked worst company of the year

The head to head is garbage fix it because of the fact that there is an overal difference when there should not be and that it makes no sense that a defensive player can pick a ball when they are facing another way also the fact that you guys made upgrading is terrible for head to head because a normal fat guy like dt de cannot run that fast and gives there defensive unfair advantages and also that only a certain kicker can hit the ball right at the 1 yard line is stupid like who made that idea and the stupid head to head system makes defense way to op and is dumb because I lose half of my game to some scrub using a budget beast team and they only have like a 100 overal when I have 115 so I’m really annoyed and you guys deleted the gift system which is dumb because of one retarded YouTuber did some dumb things does not make it far for us also Christmas was a big scam I though it was going to be amazing I only got like 1 elite player out of 6 elite presents wth. And also you’re stupid only 20 pro packs a day is dumb because it use to be fun know it is not because we can’t get unlimited pro packs and that’s only because you guys want money cause I know EA is ranked worst company of the year because all you guys want is money but some people enjoy it and have fun but since you got rid of all this stuff now it is not.

Good game

This game is good overall, but I was in a head to head game and it booted me out and said that I forfeited the game and I did not even forfeit the head to head match, please fix that glitch, besides that it is a really good game! Go EA sports!!

Good but head to head.

Head to head is horrid, pared with people that will over run your line every time. Makes you want to quit playing. Really fun when match up is lucky draw.

My favorite game on my tablet.

Lets start off by saying that I love this game. I have been playing this game since Christmas of 2016 and ever since, I’ve been hooked. I love the new promos, and it is better than last year. (That’s saying something)! I love this game, and I would recommend this to everybody. However, It would be better to reduce the cool down on the wheel of madden cash, put more cash in that set or make the packs cheaper. It’s sort of annoying in which I have to use 50K just to get a pack with four pennants. But overall, this game is awesome. *Edit* I love how easy it is to get 120’s now. Just yesterday I got Mike Vick, A few days ago, I got. Chris Boswell. I am a 117 overall. 120 Offense, 115 defense and 111 special teams. Also, I am excited because tonight, I will be replacing the worst player on my team, who is a 104 Punt returner with a 120. Should help alot

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