MADDEN NFL Football App Reviews

333 add


Very nice game!!




Das beste Football Spiel im Store. Ist quasi wie Fifa Ultimate Team nur halt von Madden


Looking forward to 17. Addicted af


Best Football Game

Last season

Pls make the game next year like madden mobile 15 was

It can be fun, but...

The AI is all out of whack, especially in Head-to-Head. I played 10 different players, most with similar or lesser ratings than me. Never scored a single time, went 3-and-out a majority of the time. Of those 10 games, the opponent scored a total of 15 points. WTF is that?! Meanwhile I lose 3,500 fans each time (and so does the team playing since they arent scoring either in most cases). Total BS. The daily challenges sometimes work the same way. It takes me 3 or 4 attempts to pass a 3-star event? I have a 90 offence and 90 defence. The fact that EA has decided to take 10% of your cash when you sell things should be the first clue this game is just a cash grab. Id rather pay $8-10 once for a game that is focused on my experience as a gamer than a free game that forces you to shell out tons of money if you want to improve. This game is classic EA: more concerned with money and less concerned about what the players think of the game.


Screw you EA, complete waste of time.

Great Game

Very fun and addicting.

So fun

This is actually crazy fun and addictive. Its like the best sports game Ive ever played on iOS. I would like the graphics to be better but overall lots of fun

Amazing App!

Incredible game, so much fun to play and it is so much like Madden for consoles. Would be cool to see Play Now and Career Mode on the game as well.


This is a good game to play when youre bored and it will make your day

Madden is the best

I love madden its my fav i cant wait until legacy team comes out


This game is going downhill. I had an elite player somehow removed from my roster. There is tons of pass interference and interceptions off a ball that bounces off the turf a lot. And EA sports customer is pathetic. I now know on personal experience as well as several peeps in my league that they either ignore or tell us were wrong. Not a chance I will spend another dime on this game till I see improvement. And I know for a fact Im not the only one that feels this way.


I just downloaded the new update, and when I go onto it it says " Resource Download Error, make sure you have an internet connection and try again" so I try to re download it and nothing is in my updates!!!!!! FIX THIS EA!!!!!!!!!!!


Game is going to be the worse. It said kicking off and it wouldnt let me go in and I even got the new update and still is not working.

Auction Problems

Great game... When it works. Wont let me sell my players or collectibles on the auction


I made a 61 punt kick and my achievement is still at 49?!


I updated the game a few days ago, and now cant open the game. CMON EA-Sports


I love this game so much I play it everyday but the only thing that I dont like is that it says unknown error sometimes, but I hope they fix it, it is basiclly like any console game such as NFL 16 Fifa or madden console except FREE!! And in my opinion better

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